In the style of grand experiments and ultimate sharing, I’ve decided it’s time to begin to share the Skinny People Eat [Salad] story in narrative fashion. More on the title soon. It’s been a little over three years since I truly began this journey in earnest but I’ve been at it a lifetime. After three years, I feel I am far enough in that I can begin to share useful information from this journey of discovery. The discovery is individual so I hope that my story can somehow be of use to anyone that stumbles across it and needs to hear some piece of it. When I was six years old, I became overweight and eventually obese. I was not able to overcome that state of being for nearly four decades and it weighed on me mentally, physically and emotionally. Every day I battled with myself. I was a person I didn’t want to be but I had no path to something else. I didn’t know how to fix it. I felt helpless, hopeless and I was not where I wanted to be in life. I felt like there was some secret I didn’t know about health and happiness, something that eluded me and I feared I would never be able to discover the answer. Ultimately I discovered there are many answers and they are individual for each of us. What we want and need is different as well. All of this makes it very complicated to understand what is truth in the middle of all of it. What is useful? I began my project as an art project. I had tried many other things to lose weight and get healthy and nothing worked. I bet my money on my ability to have discipline as an artist to drive it home and in the end – that’s a big reason I am successful. I needed to see this through. In the beginning, the art was about the photographic journey and the transformation of my body as I changed the inputs I consumed. Those photos are still the crux of this work, but along the way I realized there is a story here and it’s important to tell that narrative too. I hope that you get some value from what I have to share. I’m not trying to sell any diet plan or philosophy, I only want to help others with my story and my art. Sharing what I know is what compels me to move ahead. Thank you for listening.

Next Up: Prologue >>>

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